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Super Duper Synopsis: Two petty criminals end up kidnapping the wrong woman, and end up in a situation where they have to deal with a kingpin of a drug mafia.

Super Duper Movie Review: Right in its title credits, which resemble the panels of a comic book, Super Duper makes its ambitions clear – it wants to be one of those new-age films where ‘fun’ happens to be the driving force. The storytelling and even the filmmaking can take the backseat as long as the film can impress upon the audience that they are having fun. This approach can work, provided the characters are written interestingly.

But in the case of Super Duper, this doesn’t happen. Its protagonist, Sathya (Dhruva) is a petty criminal who, along with his uncle (Shiva Shah Ra), mistakenly kidnaps Sherin (Indhuja). What the duo doesn’t realise that this girl brings with her a much bigger threat, for she is wanted by Michael (Adithya Shivpink), a powerful but mysterious kingpin of a drug ring. Unfortunately, neither of these characters are compelling enough for us to care about their misfortunes. The performances, too, aren’t forceful. Dhruva isn’t charismatic enough, Indhuja seems uncomfortable in a slightly glammed up role, Adithya Shivpink lacks the presence to be taken seriously as an antagonist and Shah Ra, who gets to play two roles, isn’t funny.

The plotting is also weak and predictable, especially if you have seen some of the black comedies that have been made in Tamil cinema in the last four or five years. Even the twists lack punch. The film just coasts along from one scene to the next without really getting us involved.

Director AK tries to make up for this visually, with help from his two cinematographers – Thalapathy Rathnam and Sundar Ram Krishnan. Often, the shots turn into comic book panels that break up the narrative monotony. There are also a few flashy touches – drone shots (so ubiquitous these days) and dolly zooms (especially in the early portions). For its part, the score, by Divakara Thiyagarajan, maintains a bouncy tone throughout, even filling up moments that would have worked better with silence. But these just give them sense of the film being fun


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