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Sema Synopsis: A vegetable vendor marries a girl against her father’s wish. The couple, with the help of their respective mothers, manage to hide it from the girl’s father till she gives birth to a child

Sema Review: Set against the backdrop of a village in Trichy, Sema, ia the story of Kuzhandai (GV Prakash), who lives with his mother. A vegetable vendor, his life revolves around his mother and best friend (Yogi Babu). Kuzhandai’s mother starts searching for a bride for her son when an astrologer predicts that the auspicious time for the same is in three months.

After getting rejected a couple of times, Kuzhandai, finally gets a nod from Magizhini (Arthana). Both the family agree to take things to the next level and they decide to meet for a function after a few days. But Magizh’s father Balu (Mansoor Ali Khan) suddenly expressed his disinterest in the alliance as he gets a tempting offer from a local MLA. The latter promises to clear off the former’s debts if Balu gets his daughter married to MLA’s son. A peeved Kuzhandai and Magizh hatch a plan to elope and get married with the support of their mothers (Sujatha and Kovai Sarala).

A tried and tested plot, Sema offers nothing new in terms of story, narration or performances, and is predictable to the core. The lead pairs, GV Prakash and Arthana, are just okay, while Kovai Sarala and Sujatha played their part well. The spontaneous counters and one-liners of Yogi Babu and a few scenes of Mansoor are the only saving grace of the movie. The songs are passable, except for one. With the genre the film falls into, an intriguing story with some twists and turns would have made it a decent watch.


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