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The film begins with Nadhiya (Bindhu Madhavi) who is trying to commit suicide on a railway track, but our hero Dhoni Kumar (Vikram Prabu) comes to her rescue. Nadhiya mistakes Kumar for Pandi (also Vikram Prabhu) a toy-seller from the village.

In a flashback it is revealed that Nadhiya, the village chief’s daughter, had fallen for Pandi seeing his inherent goodness but due to parental opposition, the lovers get separated. Nadhiya runs away from her house in search of Pandi and meets up with Dhoni Kumar, who is a spitting image of Pandi.

Dhoni Kumar is a carefree guy who is a crazy fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and he is in love with Rajini Rani (Nikki Galrani), the president of a Superstar Rajinikanth fan club. Hearing the sad story of Nadhiya, Dhoni Kumar promises that he will find her lover Pandi. The rest of the story is predictable with no twists or turns.

It is an ordeal to sit through this disjointed film, made in a haphazard manner. The film follows the early ’80s Tamil commercial formula: a larger than life hero, two comedians, some sentiments, songs and a few fights. In the first half, we see comedian Soori as hero’s friend, and in the second half, another popular comedian Satish appears as the hero’s best friend. The joke is clearly on the viewers who have to sit through this crass comedy.

For today’s audiences there are references to popular superstars like Ajith and Vijay, and Nikki Galrani being a member of Rajinikanth fan club also adds a contemporary angle to the film. The male lead is named after the most popular cricketer in Tamil Nadu, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni. It’s as though the director Surya thought that references to the star power of these superstars will be enough over a tight script.

Vikram Prabhu tries desperately to salvage this mishmash of a 1980s type masala, formulaic film, but it falls flat. To a certain extent, Nikki Galrani as a crazy Rajinikanth fan brings some entertainment to otherwise a dull and boring film.


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