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Mei Movie Synopsis: The missing case of a young girl unfolds several hidden crimes related to a medical racket as investigation progresses

Mei Movie Review: Mei is the latest film to join the list of medical thrillers in Tamil. The story begins with a young girl who goes missing, following which her father (Charle) lodges a complaint to Karunakaran (Ajay Ghosh), a corrupt cop. As the senior cops aren’t satisfied with the way investigation is progressing, they ask Muthu (Kishore) to take up the case.

Meanwhile, Abinav Chandran (Nicky Sundaram), a US-returned aspiring doctor, is chased by police when a dreaded medical racket accuses him for the reason behind the death of a medical shop employee. He’s aided by Mithra (Aishwarya Rajesh), a medical representative. How Muthu nabs the racket and links Abinav’s case and the missing girl forms the rest. There’s an interesting angle which connects Muthu and the missing girl, too.

The story and characters look too good on paper with some twists and a few engaging sequences. The characters essayed by the antagonists and Charle are also etched decently. Their performances, too, are convincing and elevate the mood. The scenes which portray how the fraud network in medical sector function is neatly done and helps to build the momentum.

However, the making of a slick thriller like this could have been more gripping as it lacks any sharp cuts or edge of the seat moments. Though the curiosity element is maintained almost till the end, it becomes predictable after a point. Most importantly, the lead characters do not have much scope to perform, nor are their roles developed intriguingly.


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