Naadodigal 2

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Samuthirakani films are usually loud and make little sense. So, when you walk into a theatre playing Nadodigal 2 in Dolby Atmos, you know you’ve subscribed to a customised edition of Apple AirPods, pre-programmed with Samuthirakani’s woke politics that invades your mindspace even after crawling out of the theatre. Nadodigal 2 is not a movie, but a culmination of newsreels that has very little movie in it.

Jeeva (Sasikumar) is a firebrand activist who is consumed by his communist principles. For him, people’s welfare comes before anything. In short, he is a cardboard character who just exists mouthing painfully-boring dialogues that are woke and puke at the same time. He has his own A-Team consisting of Pandi (Barani), Sengodi (Anjali, in a refreshingly un-Samuthirakani character) and a senior communist member, who, admittedly, gets the best lines.

With his Poraali Army, Jeeva leads an anti-establishment protest, gathering youngsters — if you’re thinking of jallikattu protests, you are not alone. The Samuthirakani movie suddenly turns into a Pa Ranjith movie at the rally. Youngsters gather in large numbers. Rappers rock the stage with political songs. You expect sparks to fly, but it becomes a Sunburn Festival with Justin Prabhakaran’s thumping beats (I really liked the songs too, though there’s a serious Dear Comrade hangover). It’s a terrific construct that is usually written for a climatic sequence. Whatever has been built so far gets collapsed like a human pyramid, when police forces disrupt the peaceful protest — if you’re thinking of Thoothukudi incident, you are not alone. Since it’s a Samuthirakani movie, the chaos doesn’t end there. When things go out of control, Jeeva screams “annan Ambedkar”, “maaveerar Bhagat Singh”, “karmaveerar Kamaraj”… you get the drift, right? Their vigour is reinstated and they form a human chain to defend themselves. Again, it’s a set-up that might want to become that gorgeous climax bit of Kaala, but it looks preposterous on screen.


Naadodigal 2

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