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Synopsis: A five-member gang hatch plan to rob the prestigious cricket World Cup during the final match between India and Sri Lanka.

Review: The 2011 cricket World Cup was special for Indian team as it brought back glory to the country after 28 years. What if a group of five looters had hatched a plan to rob the World Cup eight years ago during the match? Sounds interesting, right? The plot looks good on paper, but the execution falters, with the script lacking logic and believability factor. The film begins with a voice-over which asks the viewers to expect only magic and not logic in the story – and they are partly right.

After carrying out small thefts, Siva (Chandramouli), Anjali (Satna), Sethu (Parthiban), Gaja (Daniel) and Padmanabhan (Chaams) decide to ‘lift the World Cup’.

Quite bizarrely, in the film, the final match is shown to have happened in Chennai, when it actually was held in Mumbai. Apart from a few funny lines by Chaams, the film doesn’t have much to offer, except Ashvath’s background score, which is decent enough to hold our attention in a few scenes. Everyone seems to be comfortable in their respective roles, but a heist thriller like this required edge-of-the-seat sequences, something the film is devoid of. There’s hardly any character development, another reason why we feel a little detached from the proceedings after some time into the film.


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