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K13 Movie Synopsis: An inebriated filmmaker finds himself in a shocking situation when he realises that the mysterious girl who accompanied him to her room has been killed

K13 Movie Review: It’s the season of thrillers in Kollywood, and the latest to join the fray is Bharat Neelakantan’s K13. Like Arulnithi’s previous film, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, this movie, too, belongs to the whodunit genre, offering some edge of the seat moments and ample suspense.

Madhiazhagan (Arulnithi), a dejected aspirant filmmaker, finds himself in trouble when he wakes up to find that Malarvizhi (Shraddha Srinath), with whom he spent some time the last night, has been killed at her room. Quite distressed with seeing himself tied to a chair and the girl with her vains brutally cut, Madhi tried to recollect how he met Malar the last night at a pub while he was drunk. After regaining some consciousness, he starts searching her room as he was desperate to know more about her. He also realises the importance of clearing off evidences regarding his presence in the room and starts acting accordingly. Meanwhile, he happens to listen to the conversations of neighbouring room mates in the flat and decides to escape from the room before getting caught. Will he be able to do that? Who murdered Malar and why?

The answers for these questions are presented interestingly. A flashback sequence and the connection between Malar and Madhi which is established in the second half could have been conveyed in a more simple manner, though. The entire story progressing in a room for a long time tests patience, but it isn’t a big concern. Arulnithi has delivers a good performance as the dejected filmmaker, and Shraddha, as the self obsessed writer, does a neat job. The story revolves only around these two, and others do not have much scope. Yogi Babu, who appears in a scene, makes his presence felt.

The film is technically slick and the various departments have aided in enhancing the tight screenplay which could have been more interesting.


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