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Oththa Seruppu Movie Synopsis- An emotionally unstable murder suspect explains the modus operandi behind the crimes he had committed to a few cops which helps in unfolding some intriguing revelation

Oththa Seruppu Movie Review- Billed as a one-of-its-kind attempt by Parthiban, Oththa Seruppu is written, acted, directed and produced by him alone. Quite interestingly, the film’s story unfolds in the interrogation room of a police station, where Masilamani (Parthiban), a murder suspect in a bruised look, is questioned by a few cops. The cops assume Mani to be a naïve person who can easily be manipulated, and hence, they ask him to own up the crime. An adamant Mani, however, refuses to admit his involvement in the crime and starts behaving neurotically. The cops, with the help of a psychologist, make Mani open up about his connection with a few other crime cases, too, leaving them in shock.

What deserve applause apart from Parthiban’s portrayal of a revenge-seeking husband, are the sound design by Resul Pookutty and music by C Sathya and a song by Santhosh Narayanan. Masilamani’s world revolved around his beautiful wife Usha and his ailing son Mahesh. The way his life was shattered has been depicted interestingly through the sound design and his appealing performance.

Making audience feel the presence of a few characters without them appearing on screen isn’t an easy thing to pull off – Parthiban does it, thanks to his narrative style and body language. A few elements in the script like the protagonist’s mysterious footwear size, love for animals and other fellow beings, his sarcastic comments on various things in society, etc, keep the viewers engaged. A never-ending puzzle in the film which is solved towards the climax also is engaging.

Ramji’s cinematography aids in capturing the interior portions of the small interrogation room – the way a small space has been utilised to unfold a murder mystery of two hours’ duration deserve appreciation. A few shots look sloppy, though. Minimising the length by a few minutes would have made the movie more engrossing. Masilamani takes the cops for a ride often while narrating the crime sequences and tests their patience as he veers off the story to talk about irrelevant and trivial matters. As an audience, we, too, feel at certain instances that he should have concentrated more on the narration.


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