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Ezhumin Review: As the title suggests, the film puts forward the need to learn from failures. A predictable family drama which has some interesting action scenes in climax, the movie has nothing new to offer. Vishwanathan (Vivekh) and Bharathi (Devayani) are a happy couple whose life revolves around their son Arjun, who is into boxing. Quite disappointed with the injustice faced by his friends who got discouraged to pursue martial arts, he dreams of starting a sports academy for underprivileged children.

One day, Arjun, while participating in a boxing tournament, falls down unconsciously and later succumbs to death. His parents, the dejected couple, start a sports academy in memory of their only son. They provide admissions to poor children and impart quality training to them. Quite annoyed by this, Sundaram (Azhagam Perumal), who heads the Tamil Nadu Sports Academy Association, hatches a plan to defeat the children of Arjun sports academy from winning in district and state-level tournaments. He orders his henchmen to kidnap the children after which Vishwanathan faces the wrath of their parents who were initially reluctant to send kids to the academy. Vishwanathan seeks help from his friend Rajasekar (Premkumar), a cop, to find the missing children. However, the children surprise the kidnappers with their expertise in martial arts.

Vivekh comes up with a good performance and scores high in an emotionally-charged scene. The children keep the audience engaged in many scenes because of their lively action. Other actors are okay in their respective roles. The movie, though offers some relevant advices about the safety of children and women, is too preachy at times. Overall, Ezhumin has only little to offer


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